Close The Book and Live The Life

“Jesus closed the book, then handed it back to the man in charge and sat down. Everyone in the meeting place looked straight at Jesus.”

Luke 4:20

It feels really relieving as a Christian to know that the Bible is widely read despite a lot of controversies surrounding it, and I can almost say that God is indeed glad that many want to know Him through His word daily. However, there is an aspect that makes even God more gladdened and that is when we act what we read. James mentions in his epistle that we only deceive ourselves if we do not practice what we read (James 1:22). It’s not enough to know the truth through His Word, the truth must also be able to set us free to act the Word!

So we see Jesus in the synagogue, not just teaching humility and authority, but acting it alongside. He read from the scroll to the hearing of everyone and I could perceive the pews seeing what He was reading glowing on Him as He said those words. That is LIFE! Jesus did not just read that portion of the scroll, He went ahead to show humility by handing the scroll over to the “man in charge” when He was done!

It’s not enough to know the truth through His Word, the truth must also be able to set us free to act the Word!

That was not all… He just quoted from Isaiah about the authority of the Holy Spirit upon Him and His appointment towards His earthly mission. Telling such people in that small Nazareth town about how He was sent to heal the brokenhearted and announce freedom for the captives was quite comforting, coupled with the fact that He was always in the synagogue at certain times of gathering to preach the gospel prior to this time. He had always been known for gentle and humble spirit (Luke 4:14-16) So He had chanted some comforting words and quietly went to sit, more like authority cum humility!

I know you will ask, “Why were they fixing their gaze on Him?” It’s simple. Definitely, He had said some things that needed Proof! The greatest proof of knowledge is Results! People will not care how much you know until there’s an evident result to show! So they were hungry for proofs already. They had seen the humility side of Jesus prior to that time, so they hungered for His authority side which He just read. Do the math, is this not what we face as Christians too, how that after our numerous confessions, people still desire to see results?

“The greatest proof of knowledge is Results! People will not care how much you know until there’s an evident result to show!”

Dear believer, please listen to this. There are some certain truths about our existence here on earth that we must bear in mind always:

  • We live in this world, though we’re from Above (not of this world). This means, though we live in a Kingdom down here, in as much as we are identified with Christ, we are Legitimate Citizens of a higher Kingdom which is God’s Kingdom. Now, it’s also true that every Kingdom has a King that presides over it, so while we parade this world, we must place priority on yielding our obedience and allegiance to the King of Heaven…for we do not belong here!
  • Every Kingdom has its own acceptable way, method, practice and systems of living. This is absolutely true, just like we agree to the norms of our various cultures, Heaven has its norms too! So Heaven on earth must cease being just a slang we carelessly say, but an action we deliberately do! The real essence of our salvation (why we were called out, cleansed and translated from darkness into God’s Marvelous Light) is not to brag about it, but to live the Kingdom Life!

“Heaven on earth must cease being just a slang we carelessly say, but an action we deliberately do!”

These were the exact things Jesus understood as He read the scriptures about His purpose on earth. He knew He wasn’t just going to declare or confess, He knew He was also going to Show It! It’s very disheartening that a lot of believers spend time quoting and even arguing scriptures but then we find it hard placing “what they do” side by side with “what they say” without seeing a huge contrast.

It’s not enough to chant “I’m from Above!” People are watching us intently and they’re eager to read our lives as books. Each day is a New Chapter in our Life’s Book that people are fixing their gazes on, to read. The ultimate thing is that we’ve got to allow the Spirit guide us because these lives that read us are attached to us.

We do not study scriptures to brag or argue, we study to Live, to show Results! Everyone can argue with confessions, but rarely do people argue with Results. So I will end with this: Dear Believer, after studying, believing, meditating, confessing and declaring God’s Word, there’s just one more thing left to do, close the Book and Live the Life.

Act what you read!

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  1. Ugbedeojo Solomon says:

    This is an amazing step
    May the Lord sustain this ministry.
    And such a beautiful and rhema filled words.
    I was blessed reading through.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Tee says:

      Thank you Ugbedeojo Solomon. I’m glad this blessed you.


  2. This is so instructing and convicting.

    It’s not enough to just say or know the right words, we’ve gotta live the right life. I really love the you used Jesus as an example as he truly is our ultimate example. And if we really do see him as such and as our teacher, we would imitate him. The apostle Paul would also say imitate me, as I imitate Christ. Actions are important and Christ is the ultimate example. So I kept asking myself, “When I read the Word, do I see Jesus as an example to imitate or someone whose words and life I should simply know about and memorize.”
    Sadly we imitate humans leaders and simply “know” about Christ.

    So convicting. Gotta repent.

    Thanks so much for sharing this.
    God bless.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Tee says:

      You’re absolutely right! Jesus is worth more just knowing about Him.

      I’m super glad this blessed you, Esther Ademiju.

      Thank you.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Asaolu Oluwaseyi Emmanuel says:

    Being Deliberate about living from above, through acting on the word is just as simple as it seems. Yet it is the way to bring forth results that testify to who we are, that the world needs to see.
    I’m deliberate and i act on the word.
    Thank you for this Tobie. God is Glorified

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Tee says:

      Indeed, living the life we actually read in the Book yields maximum results that tells of our real identity.

      Thank you so much Asaolu Oluwaseyi Emmanuel. I’m glad this blessed you.


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