Worship (2)

So in the first series, we considered how that Worship is a River which started flowing from pre-time (before earth) and will continue to flow till post-time when the earth will be no more. That is so true especially when you think about it from the standpoint of God’s desire to “let it be done on earth as it is in Heaven.” Without a doubt, you would agree that the Heavens were created before the earth.

In the beginning, God created the HEAVENS and the earth

Gen. 1:1

What does this mean? This informs us that there had been a kind of life lived in Heaven that God desired that it be done on the earth too. This made Him called the Trinity meeting to create a man with flesh and blood, different from the angels also with the ability to give Him worship. Therefore, we considered in the first series that we have been created to pipe down this atmosphere and life from “beyond” as a template to be lived here on earth and for men to really see that the word “WORSHIP” goes beyond what you sing to what you do.

Let’s chew deeper into Worship. Let’s review the kinds of atmosphere and life we ought to pipe down to the earth from God’s Throne as the channels that we are which God can use when He wants to invade the earth.


“Realize that the matters of worship has to do with a smaller love, responding to a Greater Love”

Worship is LOVE! It is love responding to LOVE. Realize that the matters of worship has to do with a smaller love, responding to a Greater Love. This is beyond the songs we sing, for singing is less than a percentage of all that there is to Worship. It is the channeling down of the Father’s Love-Pattern to earth –the Love-Life we all should live; the core of our being; the reason we exist.

There is a part called “..ship” in Worship. It is not a mere word, it is actually a place you get to in worship and helplessly find out that God possesses “a quality of” (ship means “the quality of”) Endless Value to you which is of a Vastly Eternal Quality such that nothing else can and will amount to a meaningful weight beside it…to you, because it is in the Order of the Everlasting. And then you will suddenly discover that all you can only do is to pour your love on Him without holding anything back.

It is pertinent to mention here where Worship hailed from. We know God created worship, however, He had chosen a location where it emanated from. So, just like we all hailed from Adam and Eve, worship hailed from the words “worth” (value) and “ship” (the quality of) and put together, we can say “Worship means the quality of someone/something having a perceived worth to us“. The moment this is realized, we will see that it doesn’t stress us to love what we value.

“Worship is a Mystery that only Sacrifice can explain”

If Worship were merely songs then Father Abraham wouldn’t have told his own servants to wait at a spot because he and his son wanted to go and ‘Worship’ at a distance when his intention really was to “Sacrifice his son to God” (as commanded) [cit. Gen 22]. In his hand was his knife as his tambourine and his ‘beloved’ son was his Offering of Praise! The rhythm was his crying and sniffing and that of his son as they both got prepared for the sacrifice of worship. Can I quickly announce that Worship is a Mystery that only Sacrifice can explain!

The Lord looked down on Abraham and told him to sacrifice his own ‘beloved’ son in a place He was going to show him. Now, that’s really unfair. Yet, Abraham translated his Act of Obedience as Worship, and God smells Obedience to Him as Love. You see that? That was the first time the word, Worship was mentioned in the Bible! Complete Obedience to God is a core sign of Worship. The Rewards of Obedience is manifested when it is paid in full. Abraham was a good example; till Eternity, he’s called the Father of Faith. Why? His Love for God.

Complete Obedience to God is a core sign of Worship.

Worship (not songs) makes you obey God fully because Worship stems out of Love for Him. A careful thought about the love Jesus has for us will create a healthy compel for us to love Him back.

Expect the 3rd Series.

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