Miracles Are Real (2)

“At once, Jesus reached out and grabbed hold of him (Peter) and said, ‘what little faith you have! Why did you doubt?’ They both got into the boat, and the wind died down.”

Matt. 22:30-31

Okay, so I know one of the hardest things to experience in this life is being in the midst of life’s storm. You see, as you keep on wading your boat through the storm, Jesus shows up, walking above it! He’s always been with you. That’s His specialty. That He waited for the storm to come doesn’t mean He’s late…No! He only wants to tell you that He can kick the storm out! That’s the Miracle!

God does Perfect Miracles! It’s always hard to find out what happens in a Miracle. How do you explain this? How that Peter walks on water to meet Jesus, but on his way, he doubted and began to sink. This means he was halfway between Jesus and the boat but Jesus simply stretched forth His hands and grabbed Peter! Excuse me, how did Jesus do that? From where He was to where Peter was? How? Can you fathom that?

So after Jesus saved Peter from sinking, they both got into the boat, and I ask again, “How”? How did they get back into the boat? Did Jesus carry Peter in His arms or did he place Peter’s feet on the water again so that they could both walk back to the boat on water? (remember Peter was already away from the boat). How did Jesus do it? How do you explain it?

“We can’t analyse Faith, but we can live by Faith.”

Right in the midst of your storm, I urge you, still live by Faith because Jesus is with you to pull you out with His outstretched arm and also calm the storm. You won’t be drowned. I promise you.

Step out in Faith!

Thank you for reading through.

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