Miracles Are Real (1)

“When you go through deep waters and great trouble, I will be with you. When you go through rivers of difficulty, you will not drown!..”

Isaiah 43:2a

Why would God be interested in going through deep waters with us? Why can’t He just take the deep waters away at once? Why walk with us through it? I’ll tell you why.. He wants to bring us out dry and without sinking! Hmm..

Our God specializes in demystifying problems, and while at it, He brings His people out as though they never passed through those problems. Does this explain how and why the Israelites could passed through the Red Sea without their cloths getting wet and without them getting stuck in the mud?

See, God does Perfect Miracles, that’s why it is hard to find out what really happens in a Miracle. How can “deep waters of difficulties and obstruction” divide before Israelites, and they walked on Dry Land! Excuse me, who sucked up all of the waters beneath the sea bed? Could it be that God raised the sea bed so that the Israelites won’t have to wade through a long muddy slope down the sea?

You see, we can’t even reason that out. It doesn’t matter what we think, Faith negates Analysis all the time! This is why we need to apply Faith to get Miracles for “the Just has no other way to live than by Faith!”. I urge you this day, Relax in your Faith, God is with you in that challenge and when you would be out, you won’t look like what you went through. I promise you.

So, get your Confidence back!

Thank you for reading through.

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