“Become wise by walking with the wise; hang out with fools and watch your life fall to pieces.”

Prov. 13:20

You see, friend, it’s very important to know that everybody that walks the face of this earth does so with some kind of aura, some kind of ambience, some kind of air, some kind of scent, some kind of grace, quality, spirit, feeling, virtue, character, grace…I mean, some kind of atmosphere!

Truth is, some people are truly sincere about their intentions towards you and they may even have the right aura you need. On the flip side, some don’t have good intentions, and their presence as friends is just not what you need. Do you know what I have to say to this?

Know the difference! Be mindful of the license you give to people to access you. You will have to consider deeply, the kind of people you submit your space to. Regrets aren’t far-fetched from a life that is void of discernment on who to be friends with and who not to allow in one’s close circle of influence.

“It doesn’t matter what a man chooses to become, a wrong environment has the capacity to make out the worst out of Him”

There is a desire in my heart as I write this, and it is that we all recognize the kind of ambience people bring to us when we encounter them, how much it’s going to affect us –positively or negatively and our responsibilities in either keeping them or not. This is because in the end, mixing with the wrong people can cause a life time of regret.

You may ask.. HOW DO I KNOW THE RIGHT ATMOSPHERE FOR ME? I heard you right? Haha

Stick with the One who knows the heart of every man, God Almighty. In close relationship with Him, you will be directed to the right people you need for your life’s journey. It doesn’t matter what a man chooses to become, a wrong environment has the capacity to make out the worst out of Him, how much more a healthy environment filled with progressive minds? Sticking with the Lord is an effective magnet yet to be tapped.

Seek out the wise and move with them, then identify those who will keep heaping up burdens for you in your life’s journey and stay away from them. As hard as this may sound, the great men you admire walked that path. It pays to sit with those who will add value to you in every way than to keep hanging around those whose deeds towards and around you are destructive nonetheless. Learn to stick with the Lord friends, with this, He will direct His own loyalties to you as partners, colleagues and friends.

“Sticking with the Lord does two things for you, it makes you a right atmosphere towards others and it also attracts the right atmosphere towards you”

Reaching your goal is closely connected to staying around the right people. Keeping, attracting and maintaining a good atmosphere just got easier! Yaaaay!

Thanks for reading through.

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