No One is Unlovable

I understand it can be really tiring putting up with all the differences in people, especially the ones around us. I understand also that there are sometimes legit reasons why we just don’t like seeing someone’s face around even though there are no strings attached –no offense, no wahala, but seeing that person on the street is not just a nice sight to behold…like aarrghh! Sincerely, I do..

Apparently, I also agree that some people ain’t even tired of announcing their desire not to be loved to us. They seem to be good at reminding us that they will keep frustrating every attempt geared at loving them. I truly understand how frustrating it is trying to love someone who rejects it each and every time. Sincerely, I do..

But there is a truth I strongly understand and this is it: “that we were badly unlovable and in that state, someone decided to love us unconditionally even to the point of being punished brutally, not because He wanted to, but because it was for us!”

A conscious reminder of how unlovable we were before we found love in the least expected places will make our minds stagger back to balance in the reality of the reason why we were loved despite our so many wahala.

“Jesus didn’t love us when we were righteous….NO! Rather, He loved us when we made no sense to Him.”

Truth is: God “still” so loves the world that He can give Jesus up again if He has to! And this is how we should see everyone else….as someone who is lovable.

When we consider how God sees us, we will naturally express love freely in the best appropriate way as God would have done. He who knows how much he was forgiven will love much.

God has a Lens with which He sees everyone. We can’t effectively Love until we see through His Lens. Sometimes, we might even have to pray for God to love people the right way through us. He’s more than willing to help.

No one is unlovable, we’ve got to see through God’s eyes.

Thanks for reading through.
Have a great week!

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